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Living with Laws

"Venkatakrishnan was a jurisprudent and never tried to compromise to please the Bench. We were fellow members at the Bar. He was a tall jurist, a leading lawyer with lucrative practice. Without flattery, I find his quasi-autobiography entertaining reading, illuminative, informative and truthfully presented - a good education for a fearless principled lawyer. I may summarise briefly its pages are elegant without affectation, excellent without exaggeration and abundant without profusion. What a vintage sans exaggeration, dignity hallowed by divinity. "

Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer 
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India.

"Autobiographies are not mere fascinating reading, which quench the thirst to delve into the past through the mirror of successful careers; they are also educative and tend to motivate emulation of the earlier greats. The author fulfils this need by his memories. A lucid reminder of the hoary traditions of the legal profession( the Bar and the Bench) is timely and contextual when the shine of the institution is perceived to be lessening. 
The essential traits for honourable success at the Ba, which transmit to the Bench are emphasised by the author's practice and not mere precept. The significance of the book is enhanced by useful comment some some recent important events for preserving the credibility of the judiciary in the current testing times. As the custodian of the Rule of Law, which is the bedrock of democracy, erosion of judiciary's credibility cannot be countenanced. 
The memoirs of this eminent lawyer should be useful to lawyers and laymen alike."

Justice J.S. Verma 
​Former Chief Justice of India 

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