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K. C. Shivasubramanian 

Senior Advocate

Sri. K.C.Shivasubramanian – KCS – a first class young and energetic lawyer of great repute and integrity was one of my close friends in Bangalore while I was in that city from 1985 to 1990. I have worked with him at close quarters on a number of  commercial real estate transactions in 1987. He was well-respected among the legal fraternity for his intellect, wit and charisma displayed in the courtrooms. He founded the sole proprietary law firm Shiva & Co in 1988 with his office at one of the old then iconic commercial office – Commerce House in Cunningham Road, Bangalore. I used to visit him regularly for sound legal advice and he always provided that in great abundance. I still vividly recall our coffee conversations at the Chandrika Hotel on the ground floor of the Commerce House. 

He was a thorough man and often reminded me about my father. KCS was certainly a very wise person for his age then. He was as young as me then in his thirties. His drafting skills were superb, and his deep knowledge of the Contract Laws was enviable. He anticipated all kinds of inconceivable contingencies and situations and I must say, I honed my own drafting skills imbibing from him  He taught me the perils of providing personal guarantees for corporate loans and he saved me from great pit falls – all the fine prints in the long and protracted standard contracts.  
There was every chance that he would have been elevated to the bench in Karnataka. He had discussed this possibility with me, and I had discouraged him. His legal firm was doing well. He had many corporate clients and was always very busy. Our families got closer and he visited me in my home in Delhi whenever he could and so did I when I was in Bangalore. In one of the visits he told me that he had some health issues but nothing of a worrying nature. He would discuss with me his investments and mention that his two sons were bright boys. His youngest son Ramakrishnan qualified as a lawyer and Shiva was very happy about that. 
Suddenly one morning I got a call from the Kottakal Arya Vaidya Hospital in Kerala and his son Ramakrishnan spoke to me. KCS also spoke to me but his voice was feeble. The very same day or the next day, KCS passed away at a very young age. That was in 2008. He was about 54 years old. 
I felt very sad and realised that I lost a very dear brother. Shiva was a great person and a wonderful human being. 

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