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Pesi M Narielwala

The venerable Pesi, a brilliant Chartered Accountant qualified from England & Wales served the profession in India admirably. Meeting him in those days was like meeting the Pope. He was always accessible but to have an engaging conversation with him was not everyone’s cup of tea. When he was President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in 1975-76, I was still a student waiting to enter the portals of the profession. He was in the interview panel that admitted me into the firm then and at that time he had served as Chairman of the firm. 

Past President Institute of

Chartered Accountants of India

Pesi was always ahead of his time and it was very difficult for many to tune into his frequency of thinking. In the 1940, as student of law and economics, he had an outstanding academic record. Even when he was in his eighties, Pesi would speak authoritatively on IFRS Standards and its nuances. I was fortunate to know him well and interact with him with some intensity. 
My colleague and friend Late Rahul Roy (he was the youngest President of the ICAI) mentioned to me once that Pesi is the Nostradamus of the Accounting World. My dear friend Late Rahul Roy has written about Pesi and as a mark of respect for Rahul, I provide the link to that well written article published in the Business Standard on 1st September 2008. 

Nostradamus of the accounting world – Rahul Roy – Business Standard – 1 Sep 2008
Pesi passed away in August 2008. 

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