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Dhulian to Dilli 
The Roller-coaster journey of Kashi Nath Memani

This is a candid and hitherto untold story of Kashi Nath Memani, the former chairman of one of the largest professional services firms in India.
Kashi, as he is fondly called by many who have known him for several decades, is indeed a colourful and well known personality. But very few known of his humble beginnings, the trials and tribulations of his life and how he struggled for a living when he moved to the streets of Kolkata from his village in Dhulian. 
​Here is the true and unburied story of his life and entrepreneurism. Very few people have the courage to acknowledge their humble beginnings and how for many years he worked hard to shake awake a laid-back, small and traditional accounting firm to establish it as one of the largest in the country and among the smartest in the world. His verve and vivacity stand testimony to the oft said idiom: ambition should be made of sterner stuff.

Kashi's tryst with destiny helped shape not only his own life, but the life of many others he came in touch with during the span of 50 years of his professional life. The canvas is indeed very wide. They included men and women of all hues and backgrounds. Some were entrepreneurs, some small businessmen, some others poor students, aspiring as well as well-heeled politicians, veteran bureaucrats, small book-keepers, corporate honchos, investment houses, bankers, lawyers, doctors, poets, musicians, dancers. actors, villagers, and his immensely huge circle of friends. 
Dhulian to Dilli is indeed the roller-coaster journey of this veteran go-getter whose life is full of valuable lessons for the younger generation, be it the real melodrama of a failed attempt at a merger of two firms necessitated by international events, or the sudden derailment of another merger, a first of its kind merger in India that did not last and another gigantic, tumultuous and successful merger that changed the course  Parsi-turned-Marwari-turned-cosmopolitan firm. This book is full of interesting lessons for the youth in their quest for personal achievements and a meaningful life. 

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